Less is More – Neem Scalp Releive Collection


clarify • soothe • re-balance • helps alleviate scalp irritation

Travel collection with Neem Scalp Relieve Shampoo, Neem Scalp Relieve Conditioner, Herbal Tonic, Minibrush Herbal Blue


White clay (Kaolin) rich with minerals, works to cleanse and reduce inflammation, balances, give fine hair volume.

Neem extract* originally from India, where its varied benefits have been known for centuries, also known in some places as the ‘miracle tree’. helps with a variety of skin problems, including dandruff.

Hemp Seed oil* virgin plant oil cold-pressed from the seeds. rich with omega-3 and omega-6 atty acids (linoleic, alphalinolenic, gamma-linolenic and rare stearidonic acid), vitamin E and phytosterines. highly anti-inflammatory and regenerative oil, ideal for skin with particular needs.

Forest honey* precious forest honey from natural reserves in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. adds moisture, nourishes and cares for hair and scalp


Less is More

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Gewicht 0.8 kg

50 ml Neem Scalp Releive Shampoo
50 ml Neem Scalp Releive Conditioner
50 ml Herbal Tonic
Minibrush Azur

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