Less is More – Lindengloss Collection

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repair • shine • protect • for colour treated & damaged hair

Travel collection with Lindengloss Shampoo, Lindengloss Conditioner, Lindengloss Finishing Spray, Minibrush Milk.


Wheat Germ oil* virgin plant oil, cold pressed from the germ buds, with the highest vitamin E content, furthermore rich in phospholipids and carotinoids. THE hair-anti-aging oil – protects (against UV, heat, color fading), smoothes and deeply nourishes at the same time

Cistus extract* (Rockrose) medical plant with the highest polyphenol-content in Europe – exceeds red wine and green tea highly. highly anti-oxidative, protects hair and fortifies the scalp

(Soy) Lecithin* soy oil extract rich in phospholipids, naturally conditioning, nourishes with moisture-regenerating properties for wonderful shine and softness


Less is More

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Gewicht 0.8 kg

50 ml Lindengloss Shampoo
50 ml Lindengloss Conditioner
50 ml Lindengloss Finishing Spray
Minibrush Milk

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