Less is More – Cajeput Pure Balance Collection


gentle • hydrate • shine • for all hair types

Travel collection with Cajeput Pure Balance Shampoo, Cajeput Pure Balance Conditioner, Tangerine Curl Balm, Minibrush Honey


Evening Primrose oil* this virgin plant oil is extraordinarily rich in essential omega-6 fatty acids: linoleic acid and rare gamma-linolenic acid, both stabilizing, regenerating and nourishing the scalp as well as smoothing the hair structure leaving it soft and silky. the native North American Algonquin used the seeds to treat stressed skin and eczema

Melissa extract* melissa has been a prized medicinal plant for over 2000 years. It has anti-oxidant, antibacterial, calming and resistance-strengthening effects, protecting and soothing the scalp

Aloe Vera* pure fresh juice moisturizing for hair and scalp, promotes cell renewal in the skin, cooling, soothing


Less is More

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Gewicht 0.8 kg

50 ml Cajeput Pure Balance Shampoo
50 ml Cajeput Pure Balance Conditioner
50 ml Tangerine Curl Balm
Minibrush Honey

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