Less is More – Aloe Mint Volume Collection


vitalize • strength • purify • add body • for fine to normal & oily hair

Travel collection with Aloe Mint Shampoo, Aloe Mint Conditioner, Proteinspray, Minibrush Ocean Green


Aloe Vera* – pure fresh juice moisturizing for hair and scalp, promotes cell renewal in the skin, cooling, soothing.

Horsetail extract* horsetail strengthens the hair from the root, tones the scalp and harmonizes sebum production.

Forest Honey* precious forest honey from natural reserves in the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. adds moisture, nourishes and cares for hair and scalp.


Less is More

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Gewicht 0.8 kg

50 ml Aloe Mint Shampoo
50 ml Aloe Mint Conditioner
50 ml Proteinspray
Minibrush Ocean Green

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